Michael Jackson Tribute

Delfim Miranda presents the #1 Michael Jackson Tribute Show in Portugal.

Famous throughout the country with his Michael Jackson Tribute & Look Alike Show, a unique Tribute Show, Delfim Miranda was the grand Winner of the Television Show “The One & Only” produced by Endemol & TVI – Delfim Miranda was voted by millions of viwers nationwide as the Number One Tribute Artist.

Throughout 20 years on Stage, Delfim Miranda has performed in every Television station in the country and Live on Stage from North to South, Portuguese Islands and Abroad. He is the only Tribute Artist singing live as Michael Jackson (sound alike) matching not only the amazing dancing skills from the King of Pop, but also the voice, the routines, the looks, the choreography, the costumes, the entertainment, the show and, most of all, the love that Michael transmited to the audience in every live show.

Michael Jackson is irreplaceable, but having Delfim Miranda performing as the King of Pop on Stage, you’ll have The Real Deal of the Tribute Artists performing as one of the greatest Entertainers on Earth! And we bet, you’ll fell touched, because you’ll feel you’re watching the King of Pop himself!

Types of performance available:

Delfim Miranda as Michael Jackson dressed and produced to the smallest detail performing the King of Pop’s greatest hits.
This show is great for small appearences or the ocasional show in a club, television show, in a party, a weadding or a show with other artists.
This show is also fit for resident shows in hotels, clubs and pubs where the stages are smaller and the audience is closer to the stage. In this setting the show will also have a more interactive component with the audience.
The duration can be adjusted up to the maximum of 60 minutes.
Minimum advisable stage dimensions: 4x3m

Michael Jackson Tribute Show featuring Delfim Miranda as Michael Jackson + 2, 4 or 6 Dancers is a Tribute Show where the Magic of King of Pop’s greatest hits and music videos are recreated on stage.
Delfim Miranda and his dancers dressed and produced with the style and looks of the King of Pop and his dancers to reproduce the greatest moments in Michael Jackson’s career.
This show is recommended to medium/big size shows like in open air events or shows in big stages when the Michael Jackson Tribute Show is the main or one of the main attractions.
Total duration up to 75 minutes. 
Minimum advised stage dimensions: 
Delfim Mira
Delfim Miranda +2 dancers: 5x4m
Delfim Miranda +4 dancers: 7x4m
Delfim Miranda +6 dancers: 9x5m

Michael Jackson Tribute Show featuring Delfim Miranda and Live Band plus 2 or 4 dancers is a full Michael Jackson Tribute show where is recreated on stage Michael Jackson’s greatest hits and the magic of the King of Pop and his amazing concerts with a fully live band of professional musicians. 
This show works best on stages with greater dimension like open air concerts and festivals where the goal is to get the closest felling of watching a live concert by the King of Pop as possible. 
We advise this show for theaters, open air events, festivals or, in a more acoustic setting with band only. 
Show duration up to 75 minutes. 

Available options for each kind of show:

Invite your audience for a unique show in the country in Tribute to the one & only King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In a solo performance, with dancers and/or with Band. This is a show that differentiates itself by blending the singular characteristics of the different artist elements that make us remind us why Michael Jackson was claimed to be the King of Pop.
The greatest hits, the dance, the style, the recreation of the famous music videos, the unique style of singing and dancing, the wardrobe and the sensation of being in the presence of the King of Pop himself. This show is great for audiences of all generations and all nationalities. The reassurance of having, in your event, a unique show and a guaranteed success.

Designed with the audience for hotels and casinos in mind, specially for tourist that come for a week or two, the feedback we have is of full enjoyment, even if they come to watch it again the next week. 
The resident Michael Jackson Tribute Show attracts a great deal of audience for the simple fact that it’s not easy to find a live singing tribute to the King of Pop (in fact the only one in the country), plus most people are very curious to see how well the characterization is done and, of course, the amazing Michael Jackson dance moves. 
The Show is great to unite in one place people from all nations and generations in celebration of the music of one of the greatest entertainers of Pop music, but also a great man.
The show recreates the greatest hits, the dance, the style, the magic, the movements and on top of that professional characterization and costumes giving the sensation of watching the King of Pop himself. 
In the solo version of the show the presentation is very interactive challenging the audience of playing a part in the experience and to try some dance steps. 
The Show is available in English or bilingual (English/Portuguese).

We are available to adjust any of the options and/or create new elements to Show according to needs of your production.
Also available for participation on television, film and publicity. Please contact us by clicking in the button bellow with as much detail as possible and all the requirements of your specific production. 

"Nasci p'ra Cantar" - TVI
"A tarde é Sua" - TVI
"5 para a meia-noite" - RTP
"Há tarde" - RTP
"Imagens de Marca" - SIC Notícias
Live - Austria
Live - Las Vegas - United States of America
Live - Strasburg - France
Newspaper - 24 horas
Live - Lisbon
Magazine cut
Live - Porto
Live - Algarve
TV advert - Sic Notícias
Final "Nasci p'ra Cantar" - TVI
Você na TV - TVI
Billie Jean - Live in Lagoa
Thriller - Live at RTP

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