Michael Jackson Tribute & Look alike

Delfim Miranda is the #1 Tribute Artist in Portugal. Famous throughout the country with his Michael Jackson Tribute & Look Alike Show. Winner of the Television Show “The One & Only”produced by Endemol & TVI – Delfim Miranda was voted by millions of viwers nationwide as the Number One Tribute Artist.

Throughout 14 years on Stage, Delfim Mirandahas performed in every Television station in the country and Live on Stage from North to South, Portuguese Islands and Abroad. He is the only Tribute Artist singing live as Michael Jackson(no lip sink) matching not only the amazing dancing skills from the King of Pop, but also the voice, the routines, the looks, the choreography, the costumes, the entertainment, the show and, most of all, the love that Michael transmited to the audience in every show.

Michael Jackson is irreplaceable, but having Delfim Miranda performing as the King of Pop on Stage, you’ll have The Real Deal of the Tribute Artists performing as one of the greatest Entertainers on Earth! And we bet, you’ll fell touched, because you’ll feel you’re watching the King of Pop himself!



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